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August School Board Meeting


The School Board met on Tuesday evening August 9, 2016 which was the second day of the 2016-17 school year.

Principal Slade reported Mountain Meadows and Capps schools got off to a great beginning with time management with teachers’ meetings all going really well. Principal Reed Porter reported Mogollon Jr. High and High Schools also went well. He reported the athletics programs have got a great student turn out this year with 28 high school football players, 30 players on the Jr. high football team, 28 volleyball players and cross-country. This is the first year for cross-country.

The new grounds keeper, Dusty, has had his hands full ridding the fields of gophers. He’s trapped 110 to date! Everyone appreciated his efforts in this area as fields with holes can cause injuries to the students.

Supervisor Tenney reported plans to build a new 16’ by 40’ building that will house rest rooms at the stadium property. The plans are now out for bids for the septic system. They’re also looking into pricing to replace the marquee on the corner of Mustang and Highway 260.

The upcoming sale of old inventory was approved by the board. Supervisor Tenney joked that the old Jr. High buildings were used for storage and look like they should be on the show “Hoarders”. The office has been working on matching up the inventory with old records in order to clear it all out. Whatever is left over from the auction and yard sale will be donated.

It was also voted to provide a stipend for an Assistant Vice Principal at Mountain Meadows and Capps which will go to Mr. Mahner to fulfill that role as he did last year.

According to Mr. Tenney the District will also be starting a new tradition in September to hold a dinner and social with all present and past staff. Other things he mentioned are to hold a District Tour for the Board Members to help them be better acquainted with everything that goes on. He plans on expanding the theme “Riding for the brand” as a means to help build respect and morale within the district.

A part time position was approved for Ashlee Dimare who worked as an Aid last year with the special needs students. She has obtained her Master’s degree and will spend five hours a week in support of this year’s three Aids helping with lesson and behavior plans for the District’s four special needs students.

The School Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the Capps Performing Arts building at 7:00 p.m. to hear the issues and make decisions that affects the governing of the District. All members of the community are invited to attend.