Arizona Homestead Farms Opens Memorial Day Weekend

Arizona Homestead Farms
Piper & Katy Maxwell model Bonnie Gibson’s homemade aprons.

Spring is here, the signs are everywhere. Hummingbirds have returned and the animals are welcoming their new babies. We even had some beautiful rain to help everything grow.

It is time for the traditional spring work for our family and neighbors. We are tilling the soil and planting our gardens. We are repairing fences to keep the ravenous critters from consuming all the new crops. We are helping with roundups and branding the new calves before they can be moved to their summer pastures.

These are traditions in the American agricultural industry that go back hundreds of years. Families and friends working together to insure their food source would be available in the coming months.
There is something to be said for traditions and the old fashioned values that made America and the West what it is today. Lyn Nofziger who served as Press Secretary for President Reagan wrote about the Code of the West, “In Cowboy Country a man’s word is his bond. You can trust him. In Cowboy Country a man extends a helping hand to his neighbor-or to a stranger. In Cowboy Country women are respected and treated as ladies. In Cowboy Country a man accepts responsibility for his deeds and for the welfare of his family. He does not turn to government for a handout but instead offers a hand up to those in need. In Cowboy Country liberty is more important than government mandated security. And in Cowboy Country folks believe in and turn to God, because His hand easily can be seen throughout that vast expanse.”

My family, friends and neighbors still live under the “Code of the West.” They have been working hard throughout the winter, preparing their wares for our Farmers Market that will open Memorial Day weekend. We are located across from Ace Hardware next to Perky’s Express-O Coffee. We hope our market is a reflection of the traditions we love. We feature hand painted patriotic signs. We have a variety of rustic and western home décor items in addition to fresh locally grown vegetables and herbs. We also sell Fresh Eggs. My mother, Bonnie Gibson, has been busy sewing and making Aprons all winter. She still sews on a Singer Treadle Sewing machine. You will love the matching Mother/Daughter or Grandma/Grandaughter Aprons that she has made! We also feature canned home-made pickles and jams/jelly.
I noticed this statement on the Ball Canning jar box, “These jars represent the hard work, passion and perseverance that made this country great. They are tangible proof that while hard times may fall, a stronger America will always rise again.” I have visited with many people who have fond memories of the canned goods their Mom or Grandma always made and I think the Ball Company is right with their description of what the jars symbolize.

Please be sure to stop by the Farmers Market, we would love to visit with you about your favorite family traditions and Cowboy stories.

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Kathy Gibson Boatman was born and raised in the White Mountains of Northeastern Arizona on a working Cattle Ranch. She is the sixth generation in her family to participate in agricultural endeavors in Arizona. One of her favorite pastimes is collecting Arizona History Books and documents. She is a photographer and the author of the cookbook "Cooking With Cowgirls". She enjoys writing about issues of importance and interest to Arizona citizens, rural communities and natural resource producers. You can reach Kathy at