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American Legion New Flag Pole Dedication at Heber Overgaard Cemetery

Heber, AZ
Memorial Day 2018 New Flagpole

The American Legion Post 86 donated a new flag pole to the Heber Overgaard Cemetery. They acquired the 35 ft. flag pole through donations and member contributions. It is the largest flag pole in our town and sits prominently at the edge of the older part of the cemetery. It has a solar light at the top. I am told our local Boy Scouts built the stone wall around the outer edge of the pad where it is installed. They created a peaceful sitting area with benches for visitors to sit.

Heber, AZ
American Legion Post #86 Heber, AZ

I arrived a little early today on Memorial Day, waiting on the arrival of the American Legion Riders and the other members who would perform the ceremony today. The cemetery looked a little different as I drove in, then I realized they have paved the road that circles around the cemetery, and there were families raking and cleaning today. The American Legion members had already placed flags on the approximate 100+ veterans graves.


Daryl Despain, President of the Heber Overgaard Cemetery, was there raking along with the others. It was a pleasure meeting him and his wife Pat. I was told Mr. Despain directed the design and planning of the flag pole installation space. There were trees planted and donated by Barbara Porter in name of her deceased husband.


As some of the American Legion members and other citizens began to arrive for the ceremony I enjoyed talking with member, Sporty Jim about the history of what we call Memorial Day today. He explained to me how it is tradition to   raise the flag half-mast till noon on this day in honor of the fallen.


Todd Harris dedicated this flag to the veterans and a Vietnam Veteran lead us in prayer. With the traditional three-gun salute and the bugler performing, once again our American Legion honors our nation and those who have fought to protect it.


Thank you again for all that you do American Legion Post 86.