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Have no fear my friends. I will not get into a long dissertation on this subject. I came across an interesting documentary film on NETFLIX and think you will find it interesting as well. Hope so. Take note of the picture I attached from the film E.T. ET is crossing over the face of the moon on his bike. Remember “face of the moon” as it will have meaning as we go forth.

After the US landed back in the 60’s we did not hear much more about the Moon. There is now a group of well known scientists that are involved in a huge study about the back side if it. After a long struggle with NASA to gain access to their archives the White House stepped in and allowed access to this area.

Very soon the Russian space administration also allowed the group access to their archives. It appears both NASA and the Russians have been doing space trips to the backside of the moon. In the archives we’re speaking of, thousands and thousands of pictures and documents were recorded and studied by both the US and Russia. According to this scientific group there are significant findings that as far as I know have never been made public. Some of these findings you are going to find perhaps unbelievable but who’s to say not are true. There is strong evidence that there is or perhaps still are beings inhabiting the backside of the moon. Now don’t get freaked out but they sure make you wonder.

First off there is strong evidence to support life on the backside of the moon. This evidence consists of structures and what appeared to be buildings that are beyond being natural made or from comets and super strong winds. These structures are perfectly constructed pyramids just as the ones in Egypt are. Also, evidence of what appeared to be huge satellite dishes constructed there. These dishes are reported to be up to a mile in circumference. That’s a big dish.

Now the most phenomenal thing you’re going to read here when speaking of evidence, is the finding that will blow your mind. It is the discovery of a mummified body in the wreckage of what appears to be a spacecraft. These remains appear to be those of a female species. It is described in the documentation as being the body of a woman due to its similarity of the human woman’s breasts. There is one major thing different about this body and that it is a Cyclops. There is a third eye in the forehead just above the nose. Now here’s the kicker. It is reported that these missions have been taking place to the backside of Mars as well. And the same types of the structures i.e. the pyramids satellite dishes have been documented. There are also strong indications in these studies being done that there is a likelihood of aliens existing in Egypt during the construction of the Pyramids.

Okay gang, as I promised no long dissertation. I just want to leave it at that and you make your own decisions and it is probably an issue we and our generation and lifetime will ever have solid evidence of this. With this I just want to say:

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