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A “Welcome Home Military” ceremony for Tyler White at American Legion Post 86 on December 20, 2016

overgaard az
Tyler White is honored with a flag line by the American Legion Post #86 in Overgaard, AZ.

Growing up in a military family I have a military spirit and am honored to report on these military procedures.


Tyler White is stationed at Wheeler Air Force Base in Hawaii. He is Army Air Core 25 ID and is a Drone Specialist Mechanic.


So when Tyler’s family made our American Legion aware of his visit home they prepare for his welcome with all military procedure intact. They form two lines and raise the flag and announce his welcome as he walks the Flag Line; it is a fast walk but impressive as all the members are in their military stance and full uniform.


You might have noticed a large banner in front of the Legion building welcoming Mr. White during this time.


Family and friends and members couldn’t be happier to have Mr. White home for a visit. We thank you for your service Tyler White and you must be feeling good knowing so many love you and care about you here. Looking forward to your next visit home.
Please be sure to let American Legion Post #86 know if you’d like your visiting military loved one to be honored and encouraged in this way.