Feb. 6, 2015

Once upon a time on the planet earth there became a continent known as North America. A long time ago, in 1492, a dude called Christopher Columbus landed his 3 ships, with a bunch of folks just to the south on San Salvador in the Bahamas. In 1620, inspired by the ideas of living in a new land, the Mayflower Pilgrims landed at a place called Plymouth Rock. And so began the “United States of America”.  Anyway it seems this event was the start of the good old USA!  Way down in the southwest corner of this new country is a patch, 72,958,720 acres, of land that butts up to the north end of Mexico.  420 years after Columbus landed, this land became a State called ARIZONA. The name Arizona is the Spanish interpretation of “arizuma” an Aztec Indian word that means “silver-bearing”. It’s also a Pima Indian word arizonac that means, “little spring place.” If my math is right, Arizona will be 103 years old this Feb.  See, I bet you didn’t know that. No, I’m sure you did. Just a bit of a reminder. OK?

During those years the country had two major wars right here on our soil.  Not to mention the fights that went on between these new people and the Native Americans that had lived here forever.  First of all we got out of control of the British rule.  This was called the “Revolutionary War.”  A lot of people died here to win our freedom to be “One Nation, under God”, not under a Queen.  Then there was the “War of the States”.  This one started out by a bunch of idiots that kidnapped 1000’s of people from Africa and brought them to the US and SOLD them as slaves to farmers in the Southern States.  These slaves were a black race and were treated terrible by their owners. Our President at the time was Abe Lincoln and he said, “slavery HAS to end and these people set free”.  That did not go over well with the Southern farmers and so the Northern States and the Southern States WENT TO WAR over it. As you know the North won the war & the slaves were freed. So very many men died on both sides and that was NOT the end of the problems for the Blacks, now considered “African Americans.”
Many in the South still felt the need to segregate the blacks from the white people and a battle went on and on for many years after the war. Things came to a head in the 60’s and African Americans became really free. But I guess many don’t think so. They, African Americans, are waging a WAR against the Police. Claiming they are being targeted just because they are Black!  You can make your own decision regarding this issue, but I have MY opinion and will just keep my mouth shut. These issues just go on and on!  Doubt if it will ever end.
And so ends my “Bedtime Story” and my loose lesson in American History.  I remember those days in school and how I enjoyed American History and hated “Ancient History”.
A reminder:  Try to make some time on the 24th of Jan. to attend the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Cemetery at 10:00 AM.  Your American Legion Riders & Post will be laying wreaths on the graves of all the Veterans laid to rest there.  It’s an Honor that we ALL should try to attend!
Hope I did not bore you TOO much. And, remember: