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Four Seasons Fashion Show

Highlight event for the Rim Community Library!

Heber overgaard az
Photo of the Red Barn at Bison Ranch venue courtesy of Henry Soyos who also did all the decorating for the Four Seasons of Beauty Fashion Show.

The Rim Community Library’s largest fund raiser of the year was held on the evening of Saturday August 12, 2017. Jeffrey Sacino and Henry Soyos of JHDesigners Unisex Hair Studio stepped up for the second time to produce and direct (and most everything else) the amazing evening named the Four Shades of Beauty Fashion Show. The library volunteers and Friends of the Library were also on hand to help out wherever needed.

There were many items donated by local merchants and residents which were raffled and included in the silent auction bidding. Dinner was an Italian theme with salad as the first course followed by the main course of spaghetti with meatballs, ravioli and bread sticks. Volunteers carried dessert trays to the diners offering a selection of cupcakes and a variety of pastries. Music provided by the High Country Jammers kept the atmosphere lively.

overgaard az
Henry Soros of JHDesigners Overgaard, AZ

The models this year consisted of seven men, two children, and around 20 women, most of whom talked Jeffrey and Henry into holding this second event as it is a huge undertaking; a lot of work for the responsible parties.

For many years now, the FOL has held a tea or a fashion show on alternating years. Two years ago JHDesigners offered to take the fashion show to another level. They moved it to the Red Barn at Bison Ranch, added a model runway down the center of the building, included dinner, a cash bar, live music, created a festive ambiance with beautiful decorations and opened it up to men and women. JHDesigners along with the library volunteers, really work hard to put on an outstanding event that raises a lot of money for library operations. Just in case you’re new to town, our library is one of the few all-volunteer libraries still operating in the entire country and survive solely on money that they raise.

So, with that background, here is Jeffrey Sacino’s notes and comments to the community:

 A thank you goes to Carrie Bennett for her support, her generosity not only at the

Heber overgaard az
Jeffrey Sacino of JHDesigners of Overgaard, AZ

HOST but with all the running she did to get this show started! Thank you Stephen Yost and Brett Belko for your generous gift in giving us that wonderful display tree of cupcakes! And to all the local shops, restaurants and stores who were so generous to us, supporting with whatever was needed, thank you! This is a community unlike any I’ve known who comes together unconditionally, and jumps right in! Thank you Pinetop and Lakeside stores and restaurants who generously gave. Nothing beats what all of you have done to make this event happen. If it wasn’t for all this help and support so much of this would have never come together as easily as you made it.

I can’t leave out the best of the best…our wonderful models of which we hardly had to ask – they wanted to join the fun.

We thank you The High Country Jammers who returned for the second time and Larry & Barb Samples for the wonderful articles and ads they ran for us.

All of this for a library everyone knows and uses and with great events given by them for our community. Thank you!

Our gratitude goes to our Local Food –Cupcakes, our servers, all the volunteers. They’re all LOCAL. Had to say that!

And, if there’s anyone I’ve forgotten to thank, know that we all appreciate what you’ve done. Thank you, Thank you!

As Local Merchants we ask a lot from you during the year, but we truly appreciate all your efforts in helping this community prosper. (I stole this cause it says it all!) Love you! — Jeffrey Sacino of JHDesigners Unisex Hair Salon


Heber overgaard az
Time to take a bow!

THANK YOU ONE AND ALL from the Rim Community Library Board

Thank you to all members of our community who donated to the Fashion Show at the Red Barn on August 12th.  These donations were made in the form of items for the silent auction and raffle, but also by those who purchased tickets for the show itself.  Many also happily participated by purchasing silent auction items and/or raffle tickets. Those who attended certainly enjoyed the event.

Thank you to those that volunteered their time and talent as models and the many other services, at the fashion show.  They were FOL members, library volunteers, and members from our own community of Heber-Overgaard as well as nearby communities. Both male and female models of varying ages presented fashions from local thrift stores as well as retail stores from Pinetop and even as far away as Los Angeles.


A wide variety of items for the silent auction and raffle came from local businesses and nearby towns, as well as others both in state and out of state. Their support is greatly appreciated. It is truly amazing how far reaching this event has become.


overgaard az
Jeffrey helping get the food out.

Special THANKS go to Jeffrey Sacino and Henry Soyos who, both this year and in 2015, planned and presented two very entertaining and successful fashion shows. They put a tremendous amount of time and effort into obtaining auction items, securing and decorating the location, selecting fashions for the show, involving models from our own community and those nearby, procuring food and beverages, and conducting the show itself.  From early morning on the day of the show they are busy styling hair and doing makeup for the models. There are days they close down their business in order to find the fashions for the models and decorations for the venue.  Their contribution to the library is not only time and effort but a sacrifice of business and income for themselves. Our appreciation for their effort and expertise is very heartfelt and sincere.


As the Rim Community Library manager, I want to extend my appreciation to Jeffrey, Henry and the whole community on behalf of myself and the Library Board.

Paula Grigsby, Rim Community Library Manager

Fashion Show continued—Friends of the Library

The FOL Biennial Fashion Show fundraiser, thanks to J&H Design, was a huge success again. To all of the dozens of volunteers who made this happen a big THANK YOU – we couldn’t do it without YOU. The event was held on August 12th at the All Seasons Lodge (aka Red Barn at Bison Ranch) with more than 200 in attendance; this fundraiser is one of the most popular of the year, lots of fun, food, laughter and entertainment and dozens of raffle and silent auctions prizes. Thank you to our donors for all the prizes which helped make this a successful event. 


Remember the semi-annual Book & Bake Sale is coming the 2nd of September from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Rim Community Library, located across from the LDS Church at the corner of HWY 260 and Mustang, in Heber. The library is an all-volunteer organization that provides essential learning and informational tools for all ages. The FOL meetings are held at the library on the first Thursday of each month at 9:30 am – come join us. The Library has a movie on the first Saturday or each month, information about the movie and times are available at the library. — George Corsi, Pres. Friends of the Library