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4th of July at Tall Timbers Park


On Saturday July 7th, right after the parade, the Heber Overgaard Chamber of Commerce Festival at Tall Timbers Park was packed with people. The parking in the park was full and both sides of Highway 260 was full of cars! I personally haven’t seen it that busy since before the economic crash of 2008. Maybe because the forest had been closed for so long people just wanted to come up and enjoy some cool weather – I have no idea…all I know is it was an amazing crowd. There were lots of fun vendors this year and some amazing crafts, art and food for sale. Here’s a few pictures in case you missed it:  

overgaard, az
After the parade, many festival goers were parked along Hwy 260
overgaard, AZ
On right is Search & Rescue L. Pallazolo with SAVs S. Rasmussen and J.J. Wright


overgaard, az
Lori & Steven Aggas of Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory had a booth in park.