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2015-2016 Robotics Club competition is off to a great start

Jeagers Robotics
Robotics Club with robot that’s hanging on ladder: Starting from back to front: (Left to right) Rachael Batson, Marissa Coslop, Diana Batson, Wade Batson, Matthew Robinson, Erika White, Nicodemus Beaufeaux, Nicolai Beaufeaux, Tim Batson and Tristen Martineau; Middle: Joren Anderson and Jeremy Batson; Front: Sierra Batson and Tyler Coslop. Members not pictured are Reed Hancock, Torin Porter, Clancy Reynolds, and Josh Anderson.

The Jaegers, the Mustang Robotics Club, is in their second year of competition in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). The team is made up of five junior high students and 10 high school students.

FTC is designed for students in grades 7-12 to compete head to head, using a sports model. Teams are responsible for designing, building, and programming their robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams.

This year’s team won their first competition on Nov. 7 in Flagstaff, AZ by taking first place plus winning the Inspire Award for their “gracious professionalism”. The Robotics team also was selected to receive an EKOCYCLE™ Cube® 3D Printer from 3D Systems and The Coca-Cola Company!

Matthew Robinson stands by as the robot climbs the ladder and readies itself to sustain it's own weight.
Matthew Robinson stands by as the robot climbs the ladder and readies itself to sustain it’s own weight.

According to Wade Batson, who along with his wife Diana are the coaches, “We went for the hardest thing first which was to have the robot climb the ladder and then suspend its weight from the top rail.” The team will be working on the Debris Collector and the robot’s autonomous self-direction using a gyro-sensor. They also use two Android phones and JAVA programming to direct the robot. Are you impressed? Spend a few minutes watching this group and you will be, too!

You can help support the kids with your donations. They harvested all but a metal plate from last year’s robot to build this one. But, they will need money for entry fees, travel expenses and the like. Visit their website at jaegersrobotics.com to learn more about the program or to donate. You can use your Arizona tax credit which is $200 per individual or up to $400 for a joint return. The form and information can be found online at heberovergaardschools.org/School_Tax_Credits. You can designate how you’d like your donation to be used on the form. Or, a business can send a check payable to MHS Robotics to 3450 Mustang Avenue Heber, Arizona 85928. Questions call (928) 535-6459 or email to admin@jaegersrobotics.com.

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